Lancaster County, sometimes nicknamed Pennsylvania Dutch Country, is home to a diverse population with agricultural roots, a large Amish community, and a strong sense of history. It is a popular tourist destination, with the Amish community there being a major attraction. Founded in 1966 to “stem the rapid destruction of historic properties in Lancaster County,” the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County’s mission is to encourage and facilitate historic preservation throughout the county. The trust has been directly involved in preserving more than three dozen important Lancaster County landmarks and has provided advice, assistance and guidance in the protection of others.


I accepted this brand identity development project on a pro bono basis to help facilitate the important preservation work that the organization does. 

I wanted to create an identity that reflects the strong history of the area, and a compelling visual style that can easily be applied to many different types of communication vehicles and merchandise.

By paying homage to the area’s iconic barn hex signs this identity directly ties to the artisanal history of Lancaster County and the tourism lure of Amish Country. The ornate shield shape creates a target-like focal-point for the viewer’s eye and the dynamic interior forms captivate the viewer and contribute to a beautiful composition that will be a popular merchandising option for tourists wanting to take a piece of Lancaster County home with them.