We helped illustrate the cold-symptom-fighting effectiveness of Vicks NyQuil and DayQuil by showing how they helped NFL superfans make it through the NFL season, and the height of cough, cold & flu season without missing a moment of their favorite team in action.

Vicks NyQuil/DayQuil, in partnership with the NFL, sought out the 32 craziest, funniest, most fanatic NFL fans and gave them a simple challenge: Prove that you are your favorite team's Most Dedicated Fan, and show us how Vicks helps you catch every moment of your team's season.

rally cry

We created this superfan video to show an example of the type of fan we were looking for. Then used our superfan as an eye-catching key visual to drive other NFL-crazed fans into our contest experience on Facebook. Our contestants really  got in on the action, creating their own blogs and Facebook pages, uploading original YouTube videos, and sharing photos of their face-painting, bus-wrapping, game-cheering media maelstroms.

sweet victory

Our contestants generated so much buzz that they were endorsed by current and former NFL stars, NFL fan blogs, and their own NFL teams. Their stories were picked up by local and national media, turning them into walking, talking, never-missing-a-moment embodiments of NFL and Vicks dedication. We chose our winner, cast him in bronze, and asked NFL superstar Drew Brees do the presentation honors.